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Written by Gwenda on March 30th 2013
Any similarity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.

You will need:

Font of choice – I used FairyDust, found

Scrapkit is called BeeBee by Bibi’s Collection. This kit is another real cutie, and can be purchased from SATC

Tube of choice. I used Golden Goddess by Keith Garvey. These tubes can be purchased through his store.

 Mask of choice – I used 0mask046. I am unsure where I got this mask, so if it is yours please let me know and I will give credit.
You can get this mask

Open new raster 700 x 700
Fill white.
Layers – new raster layer. Selections – select all and paste Paper 1 into selection.
Apply 0Mask 046 and merge group.
Duplicate. Mirror. Merge both mask layers together.

Element 47 (frame) – Paste above mask layer.

Tube – Paste above frame. Duplicate and in layers palette, move one copy below frame.

Set foreground color to # fdf6dd  and background to #fcd660. Angle 45, with 3 repeats.
Click inside frame with magic wand. Selections – modify – expand 4.
Layers – new raster layer. Fill with gradient.
Drop opacity of gradient to 65
Dropshadow frame.
Dropshadow top tube and carefully erase the bottom part.

Element 29 (tree) – Paste above frame layer and slide to the left.

Sharpen. Dropshadow.

Element 27 (black and gold tree) – Paste above element 29 layer
Slide to the left.
Sharpen. Duplicate – mirror. Erase the trunk of the right-hand tree.
Dropshadow both.

Element 2 (flower spray) – Mirror. Resize 60%. Paste above element 27 layers
Slide to the left.
Sharpen. Duplicate. Slide top copy slightly right and down.
In layers palette, move this copy to sit above the top tube layer.
Dropshadow both flower sprays.

Element 18 (candle) – Paste above the lower copy of element 2 flower spray layer.
Slide to the far left.

Element 8 (lantern) – Resize 50%. Paste above the candle layer.
Slide to the bottom left corner. Sharpen

Your top tube should be the next layer

Element 24 (black fern) –Paste above top tube layer.
Free rotate right 90 and slide to bottom centre.
Sharpen. Dropshadow.

Element 36 (gold leaves) – Resize 65%. Paste above black fern layer.
Free rotate right 90 and slide to bottom centre.
Sharpen. Dropshadow

Element 12 (grey ribbon) – Resize 75%.
Paste above element 36 layer.
Slide to bottom left corner.
Sharpen. Dropshadow.

Copy of flower spray (element 2) should be the next layer.

Element 58 (large mushrooms) – Paste above top copy of flower spray.
Slide to bottom centre.
Sharpen. Dropshadow.

Element 40 (butterfly) – Resize 40%. Paste above mushrooms layer and slide to top left..
Sharpen. Duplicate – mirror. Slide this copy down.
Dropshadow both.

Element 15 (gold lights) – Resize 50%. Paste above butterfly layers.
Slide left. You want it to seem as if the tube is pouring gold lights from the pitcher.

Add any other embellishments of choice.
Close white background and merge visible
Crop & resize if desired.

Add copyrights and name.

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